Digital minimalism

Do you experience digital clutter in your everyday use of computers, gadgets and software? Are you missing the joy of using all digital tools because of bad design, difficult GUI or maxed out storage? Perhaps Digital minimalism is the way to go?

When I sit down, with, for example my computer, I wan’t to do a certain task! If i just want to check my facebook, I don’t want to upgrade my software or operating system, I don’t want 5-6 software programs to battle for my attention and I don’t want to start searching for my webbrowser icon that is lost in all my desktop clutter. I want to do one task and I want to do this in a easy and not time consuming way. Perhaps you also own multiple computers and have no real toughts or plan to what each computer should do, perhaps you don’t use some of them at all? Get rid of the ones you don’t use, streamline and declutter the rest! We’ll get through this! :)

Things we will get a look into

  • our cluttered mail-box
  • the computer desktop
  • file hierarchy
  • the digital picture collection
  • the best ways to enjoy your data
  • the perfect software for your minimalism lifestyle
  • the perfect minimalist computer/operating system
  • etc.


Digital minimalism

Digital minimalism wants to reach a digital minimalism goal with streamlined solutions to your everyday digital hassle! Lets take one tiny step at a time and hopefully at the end we can enjoy the time we use our computer or the time we are browsing our huge digital picture og holiday video collection.