Directory Opus 10 – makes Windows even better!

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As a Directory Opus user from the 90’s with Directory Opus (Dopus) for my Commodore Amiga 1200 (those were the days), I was very happy when I received the latest version of this “Windows Explorer replacement”. I have never been a big Explorer fan and have always been using some kind of replacement – Starting with Norton Commander which we ran as a Dos in Windows application, then went over to Windows Commander – which I’m still using today (although the name has changed to Total Commander). If Dopus could give me the extra juice – which I feel is missing in Explorer – I could give Explorer (Dopus) a chance! :)

I was also lucky enough to get an interview with the creators of Directory Opus about a year ago. You can take a look at the article -here-.

JPDirUtil - Jonathan Potter
The first version of what was to become Directory Opus – released back in 1988.

Since most of the Windows users out there is using Windows Explorer, I will show you the difference between a standard Explorer, and the Directory Opus. I will also write about the features of Dopus. I don’t know if Dopus still is “allowed” to use, but I will shorten it in this article since I used Dopus before – not Directory Opus :)

Directory Opus 10
Brings back memories! :) 

The installation

The pictures will speak for them selves here I think – just want to show you how easy it is to setup by default.

Directory Opus 10
Directory Opus 10
Directory Opus 10
Directory Opus 10
Directory Opus 10

There she be! Directory Opus is installed and ready to use as the new “Windows Explorer”. As you can see from the pictures, we did a basic setup of Dopus while installing.

What I did love most about Dopus back in the days, was its two paned directory listing setup. This made it easy to copy files between the panes and also keep an easy overview of my files. Here is the setup today.

Standard Windows Explorer listing :

Windows Explorer listing

Standard Directory Opus listing (from the box) with its two panes :

Directory Opus listing

Standard Windows Explorer displaying my pictures-library :

Windows Explorer Pictures

Directory Opus 10 doing the same :

Directory Opus 10 pictures

Standard Windows Explorer displaying my network and FTP :

Windows Explorer Network
Windows Explorer FTP

Directory Opus 10 displaying its network and FTP solution :

Directory Opus 10 Network
Directory Opus 10 FTP

File-copying using Windows Explorer :

Windows Explorer file-copying

File-copying using Directory Opus. Directory Opus has got a real strength when it comes to file-copying, using a smart queue feature, and also giving the possibility to pause.

Directory Opus 10 file-copying

The biggest advantage Dopus have over Windows Explorer is its configuration options. You can change everything. I’ll show you some options here, but it is impossible to show them all. You can spend hours and hours configuring Dopus to look and behave just the way you like it. There is no right or wrong config – you can make all the decisions yourself! :)

Directory Opus Config
Directory Opus Options 1
Directory Opus Options 2

Conclusion after testing Directory Opus 10. Out of the box, the Windows Explorer replacement is giving you a two paned listing, a great copying feature, support for various compression formats, great FTP client, a picture viewer etc. This is all great, but the real power to Directory Opus 10 is when you start configuring and making “your own” Directory Opus! Sky’s the limit – it does take some time to make it behave just like you want, but when it does – there is no turning back to regular Windows Explorer with its limitations! I don’t give percentage scores, but just to give you an idea of what I think about Directory Opus 10, I would give “Out of the box Dopus” a score of 70%, but “Your Own Directory Opus 10” gets a 100% score – after all, it is YOUR Directory Opus 10 based on YOUR needs and designs! :)

Another great thing about Directory Opus is its ability to backup and restore settings/feel/look. I downloaded a complete setting from Directory Opus Resource Centre and the Explorer changed into this beaut!

Click on picture to see it in a large scale!


If you love this software and want to purchase it (you can download a 60 days trial and test it yourself), GPSoftware has granted the readers of a 10% discount if you use the discount/promotional/coupon code : SYSLOG110128 when ordering!

GPSoftware Link - Get DOpus

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