Sandberg Mini Laser Mouse

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Sandberg (a company we will hear more from in the future) was kind enough to send me their Mini Laser Mouse for testing. The mouse itself is a very small wireless laser mouse with a tiny receiver. The mouse gets its powers from a AAA battery.


Reviewing this mouse as a desktop replacement mouse would be pointless. The mouse is small, very small, even smaller than what you are probably thinking now. The mouse was small even for me – and I have smaller than average geek hands (oh come on – small hands doesn’t mean anything). BUT as a portable mouse (which is probably Mini Laser Mouse aimed market) or even a computer mouse for children – Mini Laser Mouse hits jackpot! The mouse is quality build, and the surface is giving the child’s hand a good grip.

My daughter (who has adopted the mouse) loves this mouse over any other mouse she have tested before. And I can say – to Sandberg’s benefit – that this mouse can handle a drop to the ground, a drop from one side of the room to the other, and it can even handle being run through a perfectly good dinner.

I did – however – need to do some changes to the mouse settings before she love-loved it. I will show you how you can configure the perfect children mouse here (in Windows 7 – other Windows versions will look almost the same) – this experiment is done virtually – and no computer was hurt.

First off I turned down the double-click speed – my 4 year old daughter have to concentrate when clicking once – double-clicking takes time!

Mouse-config - Double clicking
Click the image to enlarge!

Then I turned down the pointer speed, making it easier to hit the right button or icon.

Mouse-config - Mouse speed
Click the image to enlarge!

Then I did some mouse-pointing magic – to make the mouse love-love-lovable for my daughter.

Mouse-config - Pointer
Click the image to enlarge!

Resulting in a “new” world of computing fun!

Mouse-config - Hello
Click the image to enlarge, if you dare!

Conclusion : This mouse is great for kids, and great for mobility. This mouse is smaller than other mini-mouses on the marked, and with a great quality build it will fit the children’s room or your business suitcase perfectly. The receiver is also tiny, and will probably never be removed when first installed. Great work Sandberg (if your marked is children or business people/travelers)!

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2 responses to Sandberg Mini Laser Mouse

  1. Very well written test of the mini-mouse. Like your humour.

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